HFSC Hope CampaignThe Hope Campaign for Greater Outpatient Care

Goal: $5.9 million    Total contributed: $5.3 million

Tremendous advances in medical care are making outpatient care possible for many more of our adult and pediatric patients. As a result, Hospital for Special Care is expanding the size of its Outpatient Center by four times the current capacity, from just 4,000-square-feet to over 20,000.

The Hospital now handles over 30,000 outpatient visits each year across a spectrum of chronic and rehabilitative conditions, including spinal cord and brain injury, neuromuscular disease (muscular dystrophy and ALS-Lou Gehrig's disease), pulmonary disease and rehabilitation.

Outpatient Expansion Project

Ways to Give: Make a  Donation

Ways to Give: Make a  Donation

The "Hope Campaign" is raising $5.9 million for the Outpatient expansion. To date, $5.3 million been raised. Consider joining us in providing significantly more care to patients on an ambulatory basis, increasing independence and quality of life. For giving options, including a multi-year pledge, please contact Linda Glovna, at 860.612.6312 or at Lglovna@hfsc.org.

New Outpatient Center