We measure that the patient achieved progress in 18 functional activities using the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDSMR®). The FIM® instrument uses a standard evaluation scoring method to determine the patients' function in activities such as self-care, transfers and movement or locomotion. Patients are coded by "impairment groups or diagnosis" and are assessed or scored on admission, discharge and 3 months after discharge.

FIM® Gain indicates the function points gained from admission to discharge; 3-months FIM® Gain indicates the number of function points gained from the time of HSC discharge to 3 months after discharge.

Total Number of Patients discharged CY 11 = 26

Patients admitted to the Inpatient Rehabilitation program were admitted on average after staying 26 days in the acute care hospital as compared to 26 days in the region/nation. 78% of these patients achieved their predicted outcomes by discharge with an average length of stay of 26 days. 100% of those patients discharged to the community were still in the community at 3 month follow up.