The Cardiac Care Initiative (CCI) at Hospital for Special Care (HSC) is our newest subspecialty program. This program is designed to treat and assist patients who are striving to regain, or maintain their functional ability while dealing with the complications from heart failure. The CCI is now a part of the newly-designed and renovated wing of HSC designated as the Cardiac Medical Unit.

In order to return to community life and live as actively and independently as possible, a patient must improve in both basic functional status and endurance. To achieve this, a patient should expect a regimen of medical therapy, as well as occupational and physical therapies. Nursing care is provided by registered nurses who have received advanced training and specialized skills specific to the needs of this patient population.

The Cardiac Care Initiative team will provide guidance and education for both the patient and his/her family on “disease management.” This learning process will give the patient and caregivers the tools they need to maintain an active and independent lifestyle when they return home. Included are such topics as nutrition, medication education, as well as links to community resources.